Christopher Nolan slams ‘Tenet’ Studio Warner Bros Over HBO Max Windows Experiment – Deadline


Christopher Nolan, Who was giving consumer press interviews today for a DVD release of TenetAnd the Asked about the movie studio that movie, Warner Bros.. , And the recent radical windows plan to drop the 2021 list entirely in both theaters and on the struggling streaming service HBO Max At the same time. It was last Thursday’s move that stunned talented and film funders alike, leaving them furious.

“Some of our industry’s biggest filmmakers and movie stars went to bed tonight before thinking they were working for the biggest movie studio and woke up to discover that they were working on the worst broadcast service,” Nolan said in a statement. HBO Max in Teeth.

Warnings and the gallery are quick to reopen cinemas during the pandemic Tenet. Some industry sources believed the move was premature during the pandemic, especially with the box office closures in New York and Los Angeles, in addition to other markets closed, as the $ 200 million Black Spy film saw fading global results of $ 360 million, which is down by a percentage. 32% of its predecessor. World War II feature Dunkirk. The theory has been put forward by several heads of distribution recently which says if we do not rush to reopen theaters Tenet This HBO Max deal probably won’t be coming out.

Nolan said the Burbank, California area was “breaking apart” an “idealized distribution system between theaters and homes” as we talk. They don’t even understand what they are losing. Their decision has no economic meaning, and even the most occasional Wall Street investor can see the difference between disruption and dysfunction. “

Talk to ET Online at Tenet DVD presser, Nolan is shocked that Warner Bros. has not even given top-notch talent and filmmakers the idea that the HBO Max / theatrical plan is in progress. Per Nolan’s 2021 list is supposed to be available to as many audiences as possible … and now it’s being used as a loss leader for the broadcast service – for its fledgling broadcast service – without any consultation. So, there is a lot of controversy. It’s very very very very messy. Real taste and switch. Yep, it’s kind of not the way you treat filmmakers, stars, and people who have given so much to these projects. They deserve to be consulted and talked to about what will happen to their work. “

Despite Warner Bros’ flipped plans, which could be doomed to movie theaters as they prepare to compete with a $ 20 per month streaming service, Nolan told ET that he believes the theatrical experience will return in the long run.

Nolan said, “I think all studios know that the movie theater experience will bounce back and be a very important part of the ecosystem in the long term. What you have now in our work is a lot of using the pandemic as an excuse for some kind of struggle for a short-term advantage. That’s unfortunate.” Really. It’s not the way to do business and it’s not the best thing for the health of our industry. But when cinemas come back and people go back to the cinema, when the vaccine is rolled out and there is an appropriate health response from the federal government, I am very optimistic about the long term prospects for this industry. People love to go to. Cinema and they will go again. “

Warner Media He has no comment in response to Nolan’s comments tonight.

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