Chucky Lozano is among the nine victims of Mexico’s US tour


Players like Jonathan Orozco, Alan Pulido and Carlos Rodriguez remain in focus

Hirving el Chucky Lozano is one of the nine victims of the Mexican national team during their tour of the United States.Which will conclude with a friendly match against Honduras, after losing the Nations League final.

During the past days, the Mexican national team allowed its teams to return to Carlos Salcedoand Cesar Montes and Jonathan dos Santos and Rodolfo PizarroBecause they were sick. So does Eric Gutierrez, who had to leave his place before the start of the CONCACAF tournament, due to an injury.

In addition to the four who were on vacation, the coaching staff also released Herving El Chucky Lozano, Hector Herrera, Guillermo Ochoa And Andres Guardado, so they can have a break, considering they can boost the Olympic team or go to the Gold Cup next month.

Hector Herrera and Guillermo Ochoa were spotted at the Mexico City airport, so they are no longer flying with Tricolor for a match against Honduras.

The Mexican coach will take advantage of the losses to give a chance to the youngsters who had little activity in the matches against Iceland and the Nations League.

Héctor Herrera, Guillermo Ochoa and Hirving Chucky Lozano started in Tricolor’s two Nations League matches, while Andres Guardado entered the final against the United States as a substitute.

Players love Jonathan OrozcoAnd the Alan Pulido and Carlos Rodriguez, who may be active against the Honduran national team.

In total, since the start of the US Tour, there have been nine victims, including Eric Gutierrez, Jonathan dos Santos, Rodolfo Pizarro, Carlos Salcedo, Cesar Montes, Herving Chucky Lozano, Hector Herrera, Guillermo Ochoa and Andres Guardado.

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