The United States begins its military operations in Afghanistan from outside the country


The New York Times reports that the US is not ruling out a new intervention if the Taliban attacks Kabul or other major cities

Madrid, June 11 (Europe Press) –

The United States Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, confirmed that the US military began its military operations in Afghanistan from bases located outside the Central Asian country, especially those in the Persian Gulf region, within the process of withdrawing troops from Afghanistan. As part of their commitment to final and complete departure in September of this year.

Austin emphasized that these are combat and surveillance operations, although he did not specify whether it would continue its air attacks against jihadist groups operating in the country once the withdrawal process is complete.

“Later, in our counterterrorism efforts, we will focus on elements capable of launching attacks against our homeland,” Austin confined himself to explaining in an interview with the official US Air Force Journal. United.

The New York Times reported this week that the Defense Department is considering seeking authorization from Kabul to provide air support to Afghan forces if the Taliban threaten to capture the capital or other major cities.

Senior US officials have admitted to the newspaper that the immediate collapse of the Afghan army is “not a foregone conclusion” but that “there is little doubt that Afghan forces are being severely defeated and in danger of collapse, especially if their leadership and special air forces falter.”

However, when asked if US planes would attack in support of Afghan forces to protect cities after the withdrawal, Austin made it clear that he did not intend to speculate on “any possible outcome or possible action in the future.”

Finally, on this potential attack against the Taliban, Austin simply noted that the Pentagon had enough authority to carry out these missions on a “covert set of threats,” without naming the Taliban. The US also plans to keep its embassy in Kabul, and the military is working with the Afghans to protect that facility.

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