US antitrust proposals focus attention on dismantling big technology


A group of lawmakers from both parties in الحزب The Congress He introduced four bills Friday aimed at curbing the power of the tech giants, and one of them could lead to their disintegration.

Two bills address the problem of giant corporations such as Inc s The Google from Alphabet Corporation, who create a platform that other companies use and then compete with.

One measure prohibits platforms from having affiliates running on their platform if those affiliates are competing with other companies, which could force big tech companies to sell assets.

“Where Amazon s Facebook social networking site Until The Google s an Apple It’s clear these unregulated tech giants are getting too big to worry about, said US Representative Pramila Jayapal, a Washington Democrat and sponsor of the measure.

The chamber of Commerce from United StateA business lobby group said it was “strongly opposed” to the approach to the bills.

“Bills targeting specific companies, rather than focusing on business practices, are simply bad policy…and may be declared unconstitutional,” House Speaker Neil Bradley said in a statement.

Instead, Robert Wiseman, president of the advocacy group public citizen“The uncontrolled growth and dominance of big tech has led to incredible abuses of power that have hurt consumers, workers, small businesses and innovation. This uncontrolled power is ending now,” he said.

The second measure would make it illegal in most cases for a platform to give preference to its own products on its platform, with a heavy fine of 30% of revenue if you violate the measure.

The third law would require a platform to refrain from any merger unless it can prove that the acquiring company is not competing with any product or service on the platform.

The fourth requires platforms to allow users to transfer their data elsewhere if they wish, even to a competing company.

In addition to these four, a fifth bill will increase what Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission They charge a fee to appraise the biggest companies to make sure their mergers are legal and will increase agencies’ budgets. The Senate has already approved a similar bill.


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