These are the countries you can travel to to get the vaccination other than the United States


Karen Yeneth Pinto Doitama

San Marino, for example, (in Europe) has, since May 17, been allowing non-resident foreigners to be vaccinated with Sputnik V (the two doses) at a cost of US$60.85 provided they stay there for at least six nights. This may be the gateway to many wishing to tour Europe.

On the Serbian side, it has more supply than demand than vaccines, so, on March 27, 6,500 people, mostly foreigners from neighboring countries, were vaccinated there. For immunization in this country, you must register on the website of the Institute of Public Health, choose the preferred pharmacist and wait until he is appointed on the available date. Many Italian travel agencies offer assistance with filling out the registration form (in Serbian) and other logistics, at a cost of US$608 not including transportation.

In Russia, from the Twitter account of the Sputnik V vaccine, it was announced that July would be the month in which the program would begin so that foreigners would agree to vaccination. But since then, many tour agencies such as World Visitor or Eurasian Travel have been offering packages that include two short trips (one for each dose) with tourism and immunization moments; This package may cost $20,000 starting in a European country, but there is also the option to take the trip in three days at a cost of $2,300.

Then in the Maldives, with the slogan “Visit, get vaccinated and be on vacation,” this country invites you to get vaccinated and rest in one package. Since they have managed to vaccinate 90% of the frontline tourism staff, vaccination of tourists will begin in August, when all residents are expected to receive their full doses.

In the luxury travel space, in the UAE, many agencies are already offering online packages that offer accommodations in first class spaces in Dubai, routes from airports, hotel, to where you can be vaccinated, and once that is done, moved to rest areas. There are plans for this ranging from US$6000 to over US$15,000.

Finally, for Latin America, Cuba is still a distant option, and it is expected that at the end of this year they will start producing their own vaccine, Which will be opened to stimulate tourism on the island for foreigners.

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