What do they ask in the interview to get a US visa?


interview in Embassy of the United States of America It is one of the most “stressful” moments for those who want to travel to the North American country. Many are trying to find the right way not only through this process, but also to make a good impression and get what you want Visa.

Precisely for this reason, here are some of the common questions what he does Consular officers in final interviews, to me Internet broker “Q’pasa”.

What is the purpose of your visit to the United States?

It’s a short question so it’s best to answer with strength and confidence. Leave no doubt Because this can affect approval. Clearly explain your reasons for going to the country.

How long will you stay and when do you plan to return?

It will depend on your previous answer if they give you Visa Write B1 or B2, because it will depend on whether your reasons are work, study or tourism only.

You should keep in mind when making your trip that with this document you can stay for a maximum of six months in the country. To certify your return, you can verify it with your plane ticket.

Have you visited the United States before?

It is a question with a simple answer. The important thing is that you answer honestly. axes usually You already have all the information regarding your visa procedure بإجراء. So if you say something incorrect, you can be dismissed without thinking.

Where will you travel and where will you stay?

At this point, it is important to state the exact city you are going to and if possible the address of the hotel or place of residence where you will stay. If you are staying with a family member, you must show a letter of invitation.

Do you have family or friends currently residing in the United States?

With this question, embassy staff will get an idea of ​​whether you have personal or emotional relationships with the residents of the country and how likely you are to stay.

If they are legal residents, they will definitely appear in the databases. It is important to have information about them in advance, for example, their occupations, places of residence and years of stay.

How will you finance your trip? Are you traveling with someone?

Inconvenient as this question may sound, it is important that you answer the source of the funds for your travel and residence in the United States. Remember that in the required documents, you must provide a statement of your bank account.

What are you working on? How much money does he earn?

Socially, there is the idea that these types of questions are uncomfortable and rare. However, these are relevant questions as you apply to join this global powerhouse.

They’ll want to know things like where you work, how long you’ve worked there, your job title, and even your monthly income.

have a family?

This question, as well as the question of whether you have relatives in the United States, will allow the interviewer to assume that chances of returning to your home country

Do you intend to stay in the United States?

It’s a definitive answer, so your answer should be one. Usually the response is negative; However, it will depend on your interests.

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