Cincinnati schools cancel classes Monday after Super Bowl


Getting to the Super Bowl wasn’t easy, the Bengals had to go through a lot in their 33 years to get back in one. Cincinnati, The city that marks this crazy juncture with Vince Lombardi likely to win, that some schools are canceling classes on Monday after the game..

Whether they win or lose the Super Bowl, the Monday public schools after the big game gave a free pass. Which is that there is no bridge in the United States, well, here in Mexico nor because they added another week to the NFL calendar. chalet

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in a Social Media StatementAnd Cincinnati Public Schools (a group of Cincinnati public schools) Announced that there will be no classes on Monday after the Super Bowl Because they think the Bengals can win and hope to celebrate.

In honor of Bengal’s first Super Bowl appearance since 1988, CPS will have no school on Monday, February 14! Staff and students will have a day off to celebrate what we think will be our city’s first Super Bowl victory!“It was the statement issued by Cincinnati Public Schools.

But it does not end there, other schools have joined the initiative. Stephen Schad, principal of Roger Bacon High, announced by email to students that there will be no school on Monday after the Super Bowl. And Mike Morsky, a member of the school board, lobbied a little to make Monday a county-wide holiday and good news, he did.

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Cincinnati students will get two days in a row thanks to the Super Bowl

we will Cincinnati public school students will get two days off thanks to the NFL (What an envy) Which years ago they also greeted the Monday after the Super Bowl, even though the Bengals didn’t play, but that day is used for professional development.

But, initially they won’t get the Monday after the Super Bowl, because They were also impressed by the one-week increase in the NFL schedule And that their professional development day will be Monday, February 7th, which is after the Pro Bowl.

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The thing is, when the Bengals reached the Super Bowl and It was announced that on the Monday after the big game there will be no classes, not one class, but two days in a row without classes for students and school staff In Cincinnati and to be honest, they deserve it for the Bengals.

There are still some schools to join, but they try to do it their way. Southwest Local School Send a message to families in which they mention it They’ll give away for free on the Monday after the Super Bowl if they can raise $9,400 for a foundation They will have to do so by Friday, February 4th.

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