Kervin Arriaga, low ahead of the US: Could not travel due to immigration alert


San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

Kervin Aryaga It would be a huge loss for the Honduran national team for the match against the United States as he was unable to make the trip to North American soil due to the immigration issue.

As he tried to pass his immigration control at Ramon Velida Morales airport, the midfielder was told he could not leave the country and had to stay in San Pedro Sula. The cause of the alert is unknown.

The football player started both games against Canada s saviorWhich Bicolor team lost at the Olympic Stadium in this Concacaf draw on its way to the Qatar World Cup 2022, and from where Honduras is officially out.

Arriaga joins the victims of Brian Moya and Christian Sakaza, who were also unable to travel to the United States due to a visa issue.

He was about to meet

Kervin Arriaga arrived at Sampedrano Airport with his bags, but was unable to travel.

Kervin Arriaga’s trip to the United States was also aimed at solving the future of football. The player had hoped to terminate his contract with Minnesota United from Major League Soccer after completing the match against Honduras on Wednesday.

Marathon vice president Rolando Peña said the Honduran midfielder will meet with representatives of the MLS club to finalize the missing details. “The player will remain there and after the Honduran game he will meet with Minnesota, and the player will have the last word, and the club has shown an interest in hiring him,” Peña said.

Arriaba was to meet on Thursday in Minnesota, the same city where the Honduran national team arrived to face the Stars and Stripes team.

Peña added that the details at the MLS Club and Marathon were almost closed, but it was the player who would finish completing the missing details in the US.

Arriaga, 24, was not included in coach Martín ‘Tato’ García’s plans for this tournament, so the player will have to find a new atmosphere to be able to continue playing.

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