Claudio Press, the new president of the Minister of Economy of Coahuila

Claudio Press, the new president of the Minister of Economy of Coahuila

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Written by Luis Mendes. January 2022


Claudio Brice Garza has been appointed as the new president of Ministry of Economy of Coahuila (SEC) in order To maintain the competitiveness of the entity in terms of investments, An important point for the economic development witnessed by the field in recent years.

The official, who has a proven track record in economic affairs, will contribute his experience to continue The economic revitalization that the country is going through.

The director took up his first duties Business meetings with some of the companies that have been installed in the southeast region – which include Saltillo, Ramos Arespi, Dermadero and Arteaga– In which an action plan was developed to develop some expansion projects in its operations, as is the case in Daimler trucks.

Brice Garza said he will join with local businessmen to continue facing the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, and in this way, Continuing to establish Coahuila as one of the most competitive countries and flourishing in the country.

He concluded, “We will promote the expansion of already existing companies, and we will create conditions to attract investment and encourage the integration of companies into the supply chain.”

During 2021, it was completed 59 investment projects in Coahuila and it is estimated for the current year that 53 projects will be completed.

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