Contract manufacturing scheme blows up jobs in Tijuana

Contract manufacturing scheme blows up jobs in Tijuana

The manufacturing contract also manufacturing contract It is a business model that needs to be promoted in Tijuana, where it was noted during the pandemic that it was an ideal place to attract investment and integrate national companies into the supply chain.

In the words of Carlos Jaramillo Silva, President Economic and industrial development of Tijuana (Deitac), in the organization they have been given the task of promoting this scheme, because 7 out of 10 investment opportunities do so through contract manufacturing.

In this regard, he indicated that they received during the year 2021 225 projects have requested information under this methodWhile during the period from January to the early days of March 2022, three investments have already been implemented.

“Contract manufacturing is very relevant to our region’s ecosystem, which is why we created a digital platform to identify those companies that have the ability to provide this service,” he noted.

Currently there are 30 companiesIn his words, although the goal is to reach 100, and with this catalog to be able to offer an investor a digital tool for prospecting in a very short time, in addition to receiving advice from Datac.

Among the services that are usually ordered through manufacturing contractHe added, there are electronic assembly, cable and metal tools, mechanical metal processes, textiles, printing, stamping, packaging, molding, and plastic injection, among many other services.

“It is an area where national companies can be integrated, where it is worth noting that they are looking for us because of the technological capacity we have, as it is not only mass production, but also high-value operations that allow us to enhance the manufacturing experience,” Jaramillo Silva explained.

For his part, Federico Serrano, Chairman of the Committee, said: manufacturing contract from Datacconfirmed that Tijuana was so attractive that during the pandemic, many companies began to return operations to this region.

Confirmed that in There are 1,110 companies in Baja California In the manufacturing sector, it ranks first nationally, with 80% of these factories located in the coastal region of Tijuana, Rosarito, Tecate and Ensenada.

“The important thing is that we are committed to making alliances with other organizations to attract these investments, act as a liaison and advise, as the goal is to revitalize the city and the state to be more competitive,” he said.

In this sense, he said, many malls in Tijuana are already incorporating design and patent issues, as Mexican professionals are involved and open up new markets.

He even commented that a file Tijuana-San Diego Binational District It is expected to become the global capital of industrial design in the coming years, so it is important to seize the opportunities.

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