North Korean hackers linked to $620 million theft | world | Dr..

North Korean hackers linked to $620 million theft |  world |  Dr..

The US government on Thursday (14,2022) linked a group of North Korean hackers to the recent theft of $620 million from the popular online video game Axie Infinity.

The hackers, known as the Lazarus Group, had infiltrated a part of the “blockchain” system on which the game is based, where players receive rewards in the form of cryptocurrency.

Sky Mavis, the company that developed the game, said at the end of March that it had discovered a cyber attack that led to the theft of about $620 million in cryptocurrency.

The FBI confirms the indictment

The US Treasury revealed that it blames the Lazarus Group for this criminal act by updating its sanctions list against these hackers, which included the cryptocurrency address used in the cyber attack.

In addition, the FBI confirmed in a statement that through its investigations it was able to confirm that this group linked to North Korea was responsible for the theft.

“The FBI, in coordination with the Department of the Treasury and other US government partners, will continue to expose and combat North Korea’s use of illicit activities, including cybercrime and digital currency theft, to generate funds for the system.” , select the text.

A series of robberies from North Korea

North Korea has been committing this type of crypto theft for some time, in the face of harsh sanctions from the United States and the international community affecting the country’s economy.

According to cryptocurrency firm Chainalysis, it said in January that Pyongyang made about $400 million last year in this type of theft, which, according to the United Nations, is a “significant source of income” for the North’s nuclear and ballistic program. Korea.

GC (EFE, Reuters)

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