CODA: Signs of the heart, the Eugenio Derbez award-winning drama – Zócalo . newspaper

CODA: Signs of the heart, the Eugenio Derbez award-winning drama – Zócalo . newspaper

Mexico City. – “Coda: Signs of the Heart” Too close to reach Mexico. The movie is co-starring Eugenio Derbez And it’s already been awarded at film festivals, so we can expect great things from the Mexican actor and his new dramatic film.

Here we tell you everything you need to know about the premiere in Mexico: what it’s about, where to see it, when it opens and other interesting details so you can decide whether or not to watch it. First check out the official trailer for the movie.

What is the topic of “CODA: Signs of the Heart”?

Ruby (Emilia Jones) She is the hearing only daughter in a strange family of deaf and mute people, who splits her day between helping her family who depend on her to communicate with the rest of the world and pursuing her dreams as an amateur singer with the help of Bernardo Villalobos (Eugenio Derbez)A passionate school teacher who, through his extraordinary teaching methods, brings out the best in his students,” says the film distributor’s summary Diamond movies.

On her way, they add, “Ruby faces the difficult decision to continue her journey or fulfill what she feels are her obligations to her family.”

The film features performances by Eugenio Derbez and Emilia Jones Marley Matlin, Troy Kotsur, In addition to Daniel Durant Amy Forsyth LLC Ferdia Walsh Bellow Under supervision cyan hydra, writer and director of the popular series ‘Orange is the new black’.

“CODA: Signs of the Heart” is a remake of the hit French movie pregnancy family He won four awards in Sundas Film Festival 2021: Grand Jury Prize, Special Jury Prize for Best Actor, Best Director Awards (USA Drama) and Audience Awards (USA Drama).

The new film by Eugenio Derbez will be available from next Thursday, September 23 in cinemas only, and you can watch it on channels such as Cinepolis And Cinemax.

employment United State‘CODA: Signals of the Heart’ is available through the live broadcast platform Apple TV Plus; However, there is no information indicating the inclusion of material for Mexico and Latin america.

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