Conferences on the joint history of Spain and the United States, on October 26 in Cartagena – Cartagena News

Lectures on the common history of Spain and the United States.

If we want the greatest history ever told to be known, there is no other choice but to listen to Alfonso Borrego (Cultural Chief of Camino Real de Tierra Adentro and Jeronimo’s Indian descendant), Martha Vera, (Honorary Consul of Spain) and J.RICARDO DANEL (President of the Athenaeum of San Antonio Texas) who will tell about the Spanish presence in the present-day USA at the time when it was part of the Viceroyal of New Spain, dismantling the Black Legend that burdens our history in the USA.

Alfonso Borrego: “The Spaniards of the American Southwest in 1598”

Martha Vera: “Sister Maria Agrida in the Southwest.”

Ricardo Dale: “The Other Camino Real de Tierra Evoira”

We are waiting for you on Wednesday, October 26, at 7:00 pm, at the Royal Economic Society of Friends of the Country, in Cartagena.

On a tour of eleven cities in Spain, they will reveal what has been intentionally hidden or what has not been hidden from us. – The fact of our great work in the greatest event in the history of the world at that time, a meeting between two worlds with the Discovery of America, who became the world of the grudge, who was denied by the enemies of the Spanish Empire and created the so-called BLACK LEGEND.

We were and still are a great country, Spain, we should be proud of, and from Heroes of Cavite we work to raise our collective self-esteem, make our true history known, so we recommend that you follow our social networks, conference channel or become an association partner.

For this reason, we are waiting for you to discover the truth of a great history that all Hispanic countries have in common.

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