Confirmed: “Tata” Martino will not come with Mexico for the match against Honduras

Confirmed: “Tata” Martino will not come with Mexico for the match against Honduras

San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

The Mexican soccer team traveled Friday to San Pedro Sula to face Honduras in the CONCACAF World Cup qualifiers without the Argentine. Gerardo “Tata” MartinoTrey’s trainer recovering from a second retinal detachment.

“The new treatment and the lack of the corresponding medical discharge prevent the strategist from making the plane trip in order to avoid as much as possible serious risks to his vision,” the Mexican Football Federation said in a press release.

In September 2021, Martino underwent his first surgery for a retinal detachment and “despite receiving all the necessary care”, the former Barcelona Spanish strategist again had eye problems and on February 11 he entered the operating room again

Doctors estimated six weeks of recovery, and although they have already passed, the coach has not yet received a medical discharge, so his assistant Jorge Teller, who has already dominated the “three” team, will be facing Honduras on the Mexican bench. Visit the Octagon final match against Costa Rica and Panama last September.

Teller will lead the Mexican side in a duel against Honduras that for Mexico means getting close to one of the three direct tickets for the 2022 World Cup being distributed in CONCACAF.

The Mexicans are third from the last octagon with 22 points, the same as the second, the United States, and three points from the top spot, Canada.

On Thursday, Martino’s side drew 0-0 at the Estadio Azteca against the Americans, so a victory over Honduras, who have already been knocked out in the qualifiers, is essential to their World Cup aspirations.

The duel against Honduras meets the thirteenth day of the eight final, penultimate in the “triple” calendar, which concludes its participation in the qualifiers with the reception of El Salvador on Wednesday, March 30th.

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