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Parliamentarian Flavio Cruz has reported that he will ask the plenary session of Congress to prioritize debate on the opinion creating the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation.

In an interview with Andean Agencyindicates that the opinion, with the amendments made by the commission which he presides, comes from a bill of the executive branch and, according to the statute of Congress, deserves to be considered with priority.

“We will submit a request to give priority to governance on the agenda of the plenum to the Presidency of the Congress,” he said.

The legislator said that the opinion requires the unity of political actors to flourish and materialize in order to advance science and technology in the country.

Cruz, chair of the Committee on Science, Innovation and Technology, argued that the new ministry could change the face of Peru, from a major exporter to an industrialized nation.

The opinion was approved on 1 June after a period of study and consultations with the academic and scientific community. He had a favorable vote, by a majority, within the committee.

The new ministry will organize the entire subject of science, innovation and technology, for example, the integration of the business sector, the planned scientific parks, research institutes and universities in Peru.

“We’ll see results in the medium and long term,” Cruz said, after stressing that the new ministry would help foster a scientific culture that does not exist in the country today.

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Publication date: 5/6/2022

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