Congressman Adriano Espaillat and two colleagues from the United States visit Abenader

Congressman Adriano Espaillat and two colleagues from the United States visit Abenader

On Wednesday evening, President Luis Abenader met with Adriano Espaillat and two members of Congress from the United States, with whom he established social relations between the two countries.

For an hour and a half, the President spoke at the National Palace with Espilat and Albio Ceres (Democrat) and Mark Green (Republic)), and various topics, such as the economic recovery of the Dominican Republic and the COVID-19 pandemic.

esplanades He said the pandemic taught the United States that they should not depend on faraway countries, when the products they consume are in Latin America and that the Dominican Republic has the capacity to produce many of these goods.

“We are here to talk about this issue, and we are very pleased to see the progress that is being made here with the progress being made with the pandemic, which has been managed – which I can say very well – because the numbers speak for themselves, and also for the sake of The growth of the economy is what has to happen.”

For his part, gentlemen Democrats, Born in Cuba Currently a member of the US Congress’ Committee on Foreign Relations in the Western Hemisphere, he said he has known President Abenader since 2011 and is satisfied with how he handled the pandemic and what he did while he was in it. at the head of the country.

“It is very important that the relationship between the United States and the Dominican Republic continues to grow in the future,” the congressman said.

While Green colorA member of the Coronavirus Selection Committee and a member of the Foreign Relations Committee said they also took up the Dominican issue in New York and that it was very important to strengthen relations between the two countries.

Foreign Minister Roberto Alvarez also participated in the meeting. Sonia Guzmán, Dominican Ambassador to Washington, and José Ignacio Baleza, Administrative Minister to the Presidency.

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