Banxico receives recognition from IBNS for ‘Banknote of the Year 2020’


The Bank of Mexico (Banxico) We received recognition from the International Banking Securities Association (IBNS), which distinguished our country with the title: “Ticket for the year 2020‘, for paper money of 100 pesos.

Mexico’s successful design in attractive red combines Spanish architecture with a famous Hispanic literary figure and a tribute to the world’s fragile ecosystem. The 100 pesos bill is a bit narrower than the 20 euro bill and a little shorter than the US dollar,” IBNS explained.

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Mexican 100 pesos banknotes beat out other 20-pound Ulster Bank notes in Northern Ireland. Photo: Banxico

What does a 100 pesos bill look like?

The The 100 pesos bill is part of the family G, Measures 132 x 65 mm Made of polymer, its dominant color red It is from the past November 12, 2020.

in a obverse The historical process of the colony is represented with Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz, the most important poet and writer of New Spain literature.

Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz statue accompanied by a small article depicting a Part of the main courtyard of the Old College of San Ildefonso, located in the historic center of Mexico City, an emblematic site of educational work during New Spain.

Photo: Banxico

Meanwhile, in Reverso A temperate forest ecosystem with pine, oak and fir trees, is represented in Monarch Butterfly Biosphere ReserveIt is located in the states of Mexico and Michoacán de Ocampo, and is recognized by UNESCO as a Natural Heritage of Humanity.

Photo: Banxico

The banknotes that compete with the Mexican

The IBNS He explained that 24 banknotes were considered by design; After Mexico, the members, numbering more than 2,000, voted for £20 from the Royal Bank of Scotland of Scotland.

Meanwhile, there was a tie for third place between:

  • Ulster D Bank Northern Ireland 20 pounds
  • Bahamas from 5 dollars
  • The Fiji 50 dollars for the 50th anniversary of the independence of the United States

IBNS is a non-profit educational organization that aims to promote, stimulate and develop the study, compilation and dissemination of Information about paper money.

The Previous Winners of ‘Bank of the Year’Includes Aruba (2019), Canada (2018), Switzerland (2017, 2016), New Zealand (2015), Trinidad and Tobago (2014), Kazakhstan (2013, 2012, 2011), Uganda. (2010), Bermuda (2009), Samoa (2008), Bank Scotland (2007).

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