Cooperation between the United States and Spain to assist the evacuees from Afghanistan


The United States has mobilized an unprecedented global effort to evacuate American citizens, individuals from partner countries, and Afghans at risk from Afghanistan. At the same time, we are working closely with our allies and partners to expedite evacuations and resettlement processes. Our focus at this time is on evacuating distressed people. To do this, the United States is working with the Government of Spain to facilitate the transit of people leaving Afghanistan through U.S. facilities at Spanish military bases on their way to permanent resettlement sites in the United States or in third countries. Spanish flights to evacuate US citizens at risk, Afghans and other evacuees to Spain have arrived at Torrejon Air Force Base, and after the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the US and Spain today, US flights will soon arrive at the naval base. ROTA and Moron Air Force Base.

We appreciate the cooperation of the Spanish government for nearly 70 years, which includes the last 20 years in Afghanistan. Our cooperation to protect those who have supported our collective efforts in Afghanistan is a testament to the strength of our bilateral relationship and our commitment as NATO allies. We came to this agreement with Spain based on our shared values ​​and the shared message of getting people out of harm’s way.

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