Coparmix supports increasing vacation days | Mexico news

Coparmix supports increasing vacation days |  Mexico news

Confederation of Employers of the Mexican Republic (Coparmix) The law initiative that extends from as positive 6 to 12 days first year vacations worked; But he stressed that the application of this measure should be gradual, especially for small and micro companies, with the aim of not affecting their operations, or jeopardizing their financial sustainability.

In this period, the trade body suggested that the holidays remain in six days and six days, and not be 12 in one fair.

The initiative was recently approved by Senate Labor and Welfare Committee Amending Articles 61, 76, 78, 81, 179, and 199 of Federal Labor LawIn terms of holidays.

The body that leads Joseph Medina MoraHe pointed out that the business sector’s proposal is that the implementation of this reform should be progressive, to That in 2023 nine days are givenand by 2024, 12.

“We are convinced that people should be at the center of the decision-making process, which is why our member companies Confederacyespecially medium and large ones, currently grant more vacations and vacation bonuses than those in Federal Labor Law“, claimed.

He emphasized that in the change we should be careful and that this should be seen as a work for the overall development of corporate collaborators.

The Authority approves the reform aimed at balancing work and rest for collaborators, “Although we are concerned about its implementation in micro and small enterprises of the country, which have an average number of employees of 10 collaborators.”

For its part, the Federation of National Chambers of Commerce, Services and Tourism (Konkanaku Server)pointed out that in addition to the content of the initiative (which must be carefully studied to know, as well as the changes it undergoes in passing through legislative chambers), it always defends the physical and mental health of workers.

We know that rest periods, such as holidays, play a fundamental role in this, and as a leading body representing 4.5 million economic units in our country, we are of course open to discussing any legislative amendment that is in the interest of both workers as well as businesses (the engine of Mexico’s economy). We are all on the same side for Mexico’s economic growth.” news.

Mexicans, less comfort

Under current regulations, a worker must pass in Mexico 45 years

Continuous work in the same company to match the vacation period that the workforce in Panama or Nicaragua is entitled to allocate 10 years From working life in one company to matching the legal minimum in Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela or Bolivia, Coparmex said.

according to him Center for Global Policy AnalysisMexico ranks as one of the economies with fewer vacation days for workers, compared to African countries such as Nigeria or Uganda or Asian countries such as Brunei, China, the Philippines, Malaysia or Thailand, which make up the group of economies with fewer than nine. annual leave days.


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