Russia confirms that the United States is among the “interested” in sabotaging Nord Stream

Russia confirms that the United States is among the “interested” in sabotaging Nord Stream

The Russian government confirmed, today, that the United States, Ukraine and Poland are among those interested in sabotaging the Russian Nord Stream gas pipeline in the Baltic Sea, which was subjected to up to four leaks at the end of September.

“in the first place, We must clarify who did this and we are sure that some of the countries that have previously expressed their position were interestedAlexander Novak, Deputy Prime Minister of Russia, told Rosa-1 channel.

Novak added:USA, Ukraine and Poland At the time they said that “that infrastructure will not work and they will do everything they can for it.” So, of course, it should be Take it seriously”.

“There have never been accidents like this before.. sure, There are technical possibilities to repair the infrastructure, but this requires the necessary time and means. I’m sure the right options will be found.”

Along the same lines, the head of Russia’s Foreign Espionage Service (SVR), Sergei Naryshkin, denounced “Western effect” after leaks in Nord Stream gas pipelines.

“We continue to collect data. At the moment, it is indirect, but the indirect data, those that have already been shown and those that have not yet been published, of course indicate a western path,” Naryshkin told Rossa-1. The channel, Efe Agency reports.

Russian President this week, Vladimir Putin described the leaks as an “act of international terrorism”. s He directly accused the “Anglo-Saxon” countries, without specifying, of organizing “incredible sabotage.”

“They have practically begun to destroy the common European energy infrastructure,” the president said on Friday during a ceremony to annex four Ukrainian regions.

for Putin It is clear who benefits from the destruction of the gas pipelines.

“The benefactor did it, of course.”He said in an indirect reference to the United States, an accusation Washington “categorically” denied on the same day.

The Danish authorities ended on Saturday Two leaks detected in Nord Stream 2While there is no information yet about the two on her brother, Nord Stream 1located in Swedish waters.

The first nord stream, With a capacity of pumping 55 thousand million cubic meters of gas annually, he was arrested after Russia alleged an oil leak at Russia’s only still operating compressor station.

Nord Stream 2 never playedY due to the Berlin blockade of infrastructure even before the start of the Russian military campaign in Ukraine in February.

However, both pipelines were filled with gas and therefore must maintain a stable pressure.

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