Coffee celebrates its International Day with a commitment to the future: sustainability

This Saturday is International Day For a drink that makes the world a better place, coffee. In the context of the climate crisis and energy crisis, the sector has proposed promoting a circular economy that converts coffee waste into new energy products and options. This day is celebrated in countries like Brazilthe world’s largest exporter or Colombia The largest producer of light coffee.

“Colombian coffee has characteristics like musical notes, and within these are the wine grapes, the nutties, and the citrus,” says coffee grower Fabio Sanchez.

in Africa Coffee from Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi is also popular and in places like Yemen they even have a three-day coffee festival. The world coffee organization He points out that coffee generates employment and income in more than 60 countries and that systemic change is necessary.

And it will not be due to a lack of consumers since some Three billion cups of coffee are consumed every day around the world. But for the survival of employment.

Coffee growers want to foster an environment that combines a decent income and salary with a more sustainable business model. Because traditional has become unsustainable due to high energy consumption and waste production.

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