Crossed 14 countries and managed to reach the United States, despite the lack of documents: “Everyone congratulated me”

Michael Bolivara man of Venezuelan descent, across at least 14 countries to reach the goal he set in mind, One he was able to fulfill upon his arrival in the United States thanks to the measure of the Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott. However, before he lived a real epic.

Share Michael L Washington DC news His journey, in which he had to pass through almost the entire American continent, from south to north: Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, even access to the United States.

In that land, which he only imagined at first, he confessed his happiness to be in “miracles”because he wanted this opportunity to allow him to achieve a better quality of life.

“This is a wonderland, it is a dream country, where everyone wants to go. I am happy that I achieved my dream, where I wanted to go, and everyone congratulated me, and gave me a lot of congratulations for the effort I made to get here,” he explained enthusiastically to UnivisionAnd The medium who made his story known.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott signs a border security agreement with Mexican Governor Maro Campos Galvan, Thursday, April 14, 2022, in Austin, Texas. (Acacia Coronado / Report on America via AP)

Texas, with a controversial procedure

Greg Abbott, Governor of Texas, Take a new action to pressure the Joe Biden administrationbefore canceling Address 42, which was executed by former President Donald Trump.

Title 42 Prohibition of Seeking Asylum For those who cross the US border without papers. This measure indicates that the majority of illegal immigrants who reach its southern border with Mexico are automatically deported.

But as part of his strategy to fight the “hordes of illegal immigrants” as he calls them, on April 6, Abbott has announced that it will be moving them from the Texas border to Washington, D.C.

Although this measure is very supportive of immigrants, the truth is that the Texas government wants to prevent them from staying in the state, so that it is the Biden administration that meets their needs.

In this sense, it came on the 20th of last April The eighth bus of illegal immigrants from Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba and Colombia, in which Michael Bolivar was also. Latin Americans got off the truck on Columbus Circle and Delaware Avenue, a few meters from Union Station and near the Capitol Building.

The organization supports immigrants in legal proceedings in the United States

However, immigrants are not alone, there are also organizations, including Carecen, that support the Hispanic community and It helps migrants reach their final destination. Together with volunteers, they advise on legal processes and procedures to be implemented prior to immigration.

They rescue migrants crammed into an intercepting trailer in Cuahulia, Mexico.  Migrants risk their lives trying to cross the border into the United States.
They rescue migrants crammed into an intercepting trailer in Cuahulia, Mexico. Migrants risk their lives trying to cross the border into the United States.

According to the statements made by Abel Nunez, CEO of Carecen, to the mentioned newspaper, They are trying to mobilize volunteers and coordinate the reception of immigrants, so they have legal advice so they know what’s next. They also coordinate resources to make sure they reach their final destination.

illegal immigrants Reach the border and ride the trucks voluntarily that transports them to Washington, D.C. Most reported that they were well looked after in the 30-hour journey to reach the US capital. Each person is given a mobile phone, with a tracking system permanently connected to ICE.

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