Cruz Azul will continue at Azteca Stadium due to Televisa


The desire of every fan is to have their own stadium, and much more for those teams that you must constantly share with others. Cruz Azul knew how to get a contract at Estadio Azul, which allowed him to play in that building alone, save for some time with Atlante. However, The contract expired and La Maquina was forced to return to the Azteca Stadium and share it with Club América.

One of the wishes of Cementeros fans, in addition to having Liga MX again, is to own their own property. however, This seems to be a far cry from what Records Sniper reports, with a major TV station taking advantage of the situation they’re in.

The strong relationship with Televisa and Cruz Azul started because of No one from La Maquina can be present at the MX League assemblies, because the only people authorized to do so are Billy Alvarez and his son Robin. So the TV station is helping the team by being a spokesperson, even though this service won’t come for free.

Cruz Azul will extend his contract with Azteca Stadium

“Well, the one who really helps them get into the middle, talk to and connect with other Liga MX owners, is Televisa through Juacho Balcárcel, America Manager for Emilio Azcárraga. But if you think this help is ‘stapling’, think carefully. They told me that what What Televisa has already achieved by taking them in hand is that they have already negotiated a contract renewal for Cruz Azul at Azteca Stadium, and I’m still confirming how many more years. So there’s no need to own your own home in the medium term,” mediator mentioned.

In other words, the giant statue of Santa Ursula will continue to be the stadium of Cruz Azul for several more years, ending the illusion of changing the headquarters to have its own property. like little, In sports, not everything is clear and the new coach, after the departure of Robert Dante Sieboldi, has not yet been introduced.

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