James Effect: Everton has a new sponsor and has been working with the Colombians


Since Everton managed to sign James Rodriguez and with him Yerry Mina, the club’s brand has expanded tremendously in the South American continent. Once they removed the “10” from Real Madrid, the news gave the whole world a spin. Now, they will have a sponsor in Colombia.

In the last hours, the club officially announced the new agreement it had reached with the Colombian bookmaker, Rosbet, to become the best player in the world. ‘Official Betting Partner for Everton in Colombia’. In this way, Everton and its players will begin to appear regularly in Rospet ads in the country (television and social networks).

This is how Everton announced his sponsorship agreement with Rusbet.co

“Everton players will be featured in a new television advertising campaign for Rushbet.co, which will be broadcast on all major Colombian broadcasters in the first quarter of 2021.

The partnership sees Everton continue to build on the club’s growing image in South America, particularly in Colombia, with national champions James Rodriguez and Leri Mina, key players of the Tovez squad.

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