Cuba: Nine airports will once again receive flights from the United States

Cuba: Nine airports will once again receive flights from the United States

In addition to Havana

RR | Miami | 4 June 2022
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Following the lifting of Trump’s travel restrictions and those limited flights to Cuba, the US Department of Transportation announced nine airports on the island that its airlines can return to, in addition to Havana’s Jose Marti International Airport. ..

The air stations that will receive flights again from the United States are Ignacio Agramonte, from Camagüey, Jardines del Rey, Cayo Coco, Vilo Acuña, Cayo Largo, Jaime González, Cienfuegos and Frank País, from Holguín. Sierra Maestra, from Manzanillo; Juan Gualberto Gómez, from Matanzas; Abel Santamaria, from Santa Clara, and Antonio Maceo, from Santiago de Cuba.

Joe Biden’s administration canceled restrictions on flights to Cuba a few days ago. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said the action “supports the Cuban people and serves the foreign policy interests of the United States.”

With this decision, the United States is permitting regular, chartered flights to destinations other than Havana “to strengthen family ties and facilitate educational contacts for Americans and Cubans.”

Likewise, it will allow authorized group person-to-person travel “and other categories of travel that are educational or in connection with professional meetings and research,” that is, the US will allow excursions aimed at promoting “extended access to the Internet and processing companies from remittances and how they are collected (Biden is returning flights to Cuba who are complaining and asking for more.)

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