Cuba prepares for the second edition of the Productive Economic Conference

Cuba prepares for the second edition of the Productive Economic Conference

The event, which will take place from 7 to 14 June, seeks to contribute to the strengthening of the Cuban economy despite the tightening of the embargo and the effects of the global economic and health crisis.

Under the motto “Integration and Transformation for Growth”, it also proposes identifying ways to expand production chains with the aim of export, import substitution and foreign investment.

The president of that institution, Antonio Luis Caricarte, said during the launch of the new version of the conference, that the new version will actually take place at the national level, but will include face-to-face regional events with an international vision at the Trip Habana Libre Hotel and Chamber headquarters. The Call.

The planned program includes major conferences, mutual workshops between governing bodies and various economic actors, as well as meetings with government authorities.

Within the framework of Economists Day activities, ANEC will award Economic Management Awards to those companies with relevant results during the period 2021-2022.

According to Carrickart, the event will contribute to promoting the commercialization of idle stocks that can be used as raw materials and intermediate products for the production of various economic actors, as well as promoting the use of digital platforms for promotion, knowledge and negotiation.

The director said that in the current conditions it is necessary to create spaces for discussion and analysis describing the economic scenario from practice and identifying the possibilities, opportunities and obstacles that arise in the economy, as well as proposals for their solutions.

For his part, the Vice President of ANEC and Hero of the Republic, Ramon Lapanino, indicated the workshops that this association will develop, based on the premise of putting science and innovation at the service of the economy and society.

He said that they will address topics such as the audit system, business marketing, performance and challenges of the Cuban economy, and cost management in the health sector, among others that will allow participants to better prepare.

Bouri Perez, Deputy Head of the Economic Department of the Central Committee, stressed during the conference that based on experiences and identification of the challenges that the economic scenario still faces to reach a higher level of efficiency, this version is expected to be issued. It will have a higher qualitative effect.

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