Plan International promotes a green economy in Uganda

Plan International promotes a green economy in Uganda

EFeverde. A project by the Organization for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid Plan International will promote a green economy and youth employment in the Lira region, Uganda, thanks to the sustainable cultivation of organic sesame.

The NGO Plan International will promote the transition towards a sustainable production model in the African country that will contribute to the creation of new job opportunities for young people, thanks to the EU-funded green economy programme, Switch Africa Green.

Lira district in northern Uganda is a vulnerable area after years of conflict with more than 65% of the population living with it Less than $1.25 a dayas indicated by the entity in a statement.

More than 40 per cent of the population are young women and men, 80 per cent of whom are unemployed or engaged in informal productive activities mainly related to subsistence farming.

UN support

Cultivation of organic sesame. Photo courtesy of Plan International

The objective of the project, which has the support of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), is to explore new business opportunities for Ugandan youth on organic sesame cultivation and its value chain, and waste. Management, biomass production and energy efficiency.

Through sustainable resource management, Plan International will promote improvements for these young Ugandan farmers, as they will receive training to organize their business and be given advice to get decent and better-paid jobs, according to the organization.

Plan International along with its local partner Nogamu, an organic farming and fair trade association, will provide support to small and medium enterprises in the agricultural sector to begin the transition to New patterns of production and consumption.

This project will be part of Africa’s first regional network against climate change and for changing consumption patterns of this NGO, which has been operating in Uganda since 1992, developing programs to promote youth employment where it has provided vocational training to over 20.00 people. People. EFEgreen

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