Ambassador to the United States sees a “turning point” in relations after the NATO-international summit

The Spanish ambassador to the United States, Santiago Cabanas, stated that the recent NATO summit in Madrid was a “turning point” in strengthening relations between the two countries.

This afternoon in Bilbao, Cabanas participated in the opening session of the 26th Spain-US Forum, which will bring together institutional, economic and cultural representatives from both countries until tomorrow to deal primarily with cooperation on security issues, the transformation of cities and the financing of the green economy.

Speaking at the opening of the forum, the US ambassador to Spain, Julissa Reynoso, also hinted at the “historic” NATO summit in Madrid, in the presence of several heads of state, including the President of the United States, Joe. Biden.

Reynoso stressed that relations between the two countries had received a “high-level boost”, which was reflected, he emphasized, in Biden’s words that “Spain is an indispensable ally.”

The US ambassador to Spain stressed that “it cannot be doubted that the relationship is deep”, after noting that the “transatlantic relationship” is currently facing “tremendous threats”, the first of which is derived from the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

The diplomat noted that in addition to cooperation on issues such as security and the economy, the United States is taking into account the “relevant supporting role of Spain in Latin America.”

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