Cuba repeatedly criticizes the United States for its exclusion from the Summit of the Americas

Cuba repeatedly criticizes the United States for its exclusion from the Summit of the Americas

Cuban Foreign Minister, Bruno Rodriguezrepeat critics to the government United State to exclude his country from Eleventh Summit of the Americasscheduled for June 6-10 in Los Angeles.

“By excluding the countries of the hemisphere from the summit they are holding in the name of ‘The Americas’, the United States can no longer hide behind the pretext of not issuing invitations yet,” the foreign minister wrote on Twitter.

At the same place, he commented that Washington “must understand that there is no longer a place in this region Monroe’s principle“Regarding the slogan “America for Americans” (referring to Americans) attributed to the President James Munro (1817-1825), which Havana calls imperialism And Intervenes.

At the beginning of the week, the Cuban president, Miguel Diaz-Canelbefore the National Assembly (Parliament, unicameral) that excluding the island – along with Nicaragua and Venezuela – from this appointment would only serve to be its American counterpart, Joe Bidento make domestic politics And that “few will remember after hours what happened there.”

He indicated that this responds to local political campaigns from Country joinEspecially in Florida referring to the future Parliament elections November.

possible exclusion from CubaAnd Venezuela s Nicaragua It has drawn criticism and even the leaders of some countries, such as presidents MexicoGuatemala and Bolivia warned that they would not attend if there were exceptions.

Chile has joined the calls to include the three nations, and some Caribbean nations are also considering whether or not to join the meeting in Los Angeles under the circumstances.

The ninth top of the americas This will be the second time the United States has organized after the original in Miami in 1994. Cuba, excluded in the past, has attended the last two events (Panama 2015 and Peru 2018).

The main goal of the United States this time is to design a file Regional Migration Pact. Cuba and Venezuela are two of the countries that currently send the largest number of immigrants to the United States.

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