Cuba’s opponents in the El Clasico semi-finals will be Venezuela or the United States

Cuba’s opponents in the El Clasico semi-finals will be Venezuela or the United States

The Cuban baseball team has arrived in Miami after an exhausting flight from the Japanese capital. according to sources From the reigning party, they could take on a major league team as a buildup to what awaits their semifinal opponent on Sunday.

Against whom will the confrontation be? Groups C and D are still in the quarter-final stage.

The North Americans are classic world champions, and although many of their stars haven’t exploded in the event, they’re still a very tough team. On the other hand, the Venezuelans went undefeated in a section where the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico were. Dark-haired people are heading for the title in a serious way.

Venezuela and the United States will play next Saturday in Miami at night. A day later, the winner of that confrontation will play against the Cubans, who will not have enough time to find out who exactly the opponents will be.

As expected, MLB’s Angels North American quarterback Mike Trott became the inspiring igniter for this ninth offense, with six RBI touchdowns, a home run and a . 417 batting average.

Another personality on “Team USA” was Nolan Arenado, a Cuban-born baseball player who guards third base. Arenado has three doubles and has driven in four runs for his team.

For its part, Venezuela was no less offensive, although it will suffer from the absence of players after the Detroit Tigers call-up, as is the case of left-handed Eduardo Rodriguez. The Tigers also limited the participation of veteran star Miguel Cabrera.

Whoever wins that quarterfinal match between Venezuela and the United States, the fact is that from that moment on, the Cuban national team will be almost no one’s favorite. What happens in Antilles’ favor at this point would be surprising to any specialist or fan.

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