Real Madrid: El Clasico, more global than ever

Real Madrid: El Clasico, more global than ever

classic It is a global event and on March 19th it will be back at the Camp Nou again. league announced that it would stage “more than 52 events in more than 28 countries. Together with local and global partners, including regional broadcasters, LaLiga is also associated with BKT Tires. More than 20,000 people are expected to attend face-to-face events, where they will be able to Having a great experience as a community with other fans,” LaLiga says on their website.

Among these activities, league He announced that “there will be a ‘mass festival’ for about 5,000 people in Mexico City, another for 2,000 in Los Angeles, and another for 1,000 in Ghana. In addition, concerts will be held in countries as diverse as India, Brazil, Poland, Cameroon, Canada, Hungary and the United Kingdom. Even in In Asia and Oceania, LaLiga organizes activities and events for fans who, due to the schedule, will have to get up early to watch ElClásico, such as a ‘watching party’ to watch a game during breakfast in Australia”. LaLiga explains.


On the other hand, “there are also many sporting events to promote physical activity, from the ElClásico 10 km run in Colombia to the ElClásico football matches, badminton and Sepak Takraw (local sport) competitions in Indonesia, including the youth team football tournament in Uganda ., and much more”, according to LaLiga.

at this party Classic, La Liga replayThey will offer “prize giveaways, other digital campaigns and various collaborations with influencers, so that fans can watch the match alongside their favorite social media personalities. In Argentina, for example, there will be a special experience with someone who knows exactly what it is to score in El Clásico. , as a former Barcelona player Con Aguero pHe will participate in a live event with Star +”, explains LaLiga.

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