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One thousand two hundred days have passed since Lopez Obrador’s government, which represents 56 percent of his state. His actions remain for history, but not for the better and have repercussions in the future in an apparent negative prognosis.

As far as the government is concerned, an average of 690 people per day died from the homicide or coronavirus.

Between action and government omission, hundreds of thousands of deaths, permanent economic crisis, inflation, increasing poverty and open corruption.

López Obrador’s government underestimated the epidemic, despite the experts’ warning, resorting to deception and subordinates who were merely echo chambers to see it and did not show professionalism to support scientifically based standards.

The government considered that there would be a total of 30,000 deaths from the coronavirus and that in a catastrophic scenario it would reach 60,000. However, as of January, the scale of the disaster was 22 times the size of the government’s baseline scenario, with more than 667,000 deaths.

In 2021, Mexico ranked as the worst country to live in the age of Covid, according to the Covid Resilience Ranking, compiled by Bloomberg.

Mismanagement of the economy has plunged the country into recession since 2019, before the pandemic. With the pandemic and the absence of counter-cyclical measures, they led the country into a stagflationary scenario. Mexicans suffered from a lack of economic growth and inflation above seven percent.

The negative balance becomes clear when noting that eight out of twelve quarters of this government was in an economic downturn, 75 percent of the time this government was in power, Mexicans lived in an economic crisis.

The mismanagement of the epidemic and the economy increased poverty, with the number of poor people in Lopez Obrador increasing by 3.8 million, 2.1 million of whom fell into extreme poverty.

The epidemic affected the entire world, but the weak response to it was characterized by the Mexican government. He restricted covid vaccines to private medical staff and caused disaster in the union. Mexico ranked first in the world in terms of the number of deaths of doctors; One in five doctors who died from the coronavirus was a Mexican.

The inefficiency was demonstrated by the late purchase of ventilation supplies and equipment; Corruption was exposed, such as the exaggerated mass buying of the son of Manuel Bartlett, CFE director.

The government decided not to use the successful mass national vaccination program to implement the coronavirus vaccine and the political and military teams chose to implement it, it was wrong that it cost thousands of lives that would have been saved had there been a timely vaccination.

The federal government has been neglectful in dealing with the country’s growing insecurity and the accumulation of 138,000 homicides under the policy of hugs, not bullets.

However, the history of what is going on in this six-year period is not the same for everyone; The family and those close to the president enjoy luxury, abundance, corruption and impunity that have been documented in videos, reports, and in daily life. While the country has been ranked as one of the most corrupt engagement sites like Uganda, Cameroon and Congo.

The damage was done, and this government planted hope in the millions of Mexicans who believed in it by way of delusion; But twelve hundred days later, the corpses of a generation were buried and the hope of another generation deprived of a better future for a nation.

By Fausto Barajas
Public policy specialist
[email protected]
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