David de Gea, annoyed by Schweinsteiger: “Tell me, am I better than Neuer?” | Sports

David de Gea, annoyed by Schweinsteiger: “Tell me, am I better than Neuer?”  |  Sports

David de Gea couldn’t do anything last day in Liverpool’s 5-0 win at Old Trafford. Historic result in classic English football could be Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s last game. If it is true that Madridista was not by far the worst in the game, the collective level was evident and a large number of Manchester United personalities expressed their opinion on what happened. In social networks, two stood out above the rest: the faces of Vergorgossen and Dalglish in the pitch box and some strange words from Bastian Schweinsteiger.

The German midfielder played for Manchester United from 2015 to 2017, and left for the United States without much wealth. Last night’s match, though, provided him with the perfect opportunity to reveal to the BBC a conversation with his former teammate, David de Gea, who didn’t leave Atletico Madrid’s source in great shape.

As the former Bayern Munich player says, as soon as he reached the Red Devils, De Gea asked him about his level compared to Manuel Neuer, and the German was very honest: When I first came to Manchester United, David de Gea said, ‘Tell me, am I better than Neuer? I said, ‘No, you are not. It’s a different level. “I explained why. Every time he was playing a good game he asked me again, and I repeated that he hasn’t reached that level yet,” said the former midfielder.

In the various comparisons in which he positioned himself against Manuel Neuer, De Gea came out defeated even to his teammate, who was a close friend of the German goalkeeper. Whatever the case, it is true that the careers of one and the other at Manchester United show that they were very different, and that at least this time, it has turned out to be David de Gea’s favour.

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