Demand in the United States | koyo diary

Demand in the United States |  koyo diary

The import of onions, in terms of edible bulbs, in the United States broke a record in 2021.

The data is surprising, according to, that imports of fresh and/or chilled onions into the United States were a record high last season, reaching a total of $537 million, according to department data. Trading. The number represents an increase of 14% over 2020 and 17.2% compared to 2019. Who are the main suppliers? Its neighbor is Mexico ($369 million), Peru ($88 million) and Canada ($54 million). In the Northern Giant Hemisphere (USA), onion production primarily destined for fresh consumption declined by 8% in 2021, mostly due to the effects of unusually hot and dry weather in the Pacific Northwest on crops. The weather was seriously affecting. For example, after reaching an all-time high in 2020, Washington’s onion yield fell 30%, the largest annual decline recorded in the state. As for onion imports, the extreme heat in the Pacific Northwest has reduced hectare yield and the volume of onions stored in the 2021 season, and the increased demand from the food service recovery has translated into higher prices. For the 2022 season. Beginning of Mexican imports, spring onions entered Texas (delayed because of the cold weather), and the start of onion season in Georgia helped push prices a little lower as we entered the spring quarter.

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