Democrats push the Joe Biden immigration bill in Congress


On Thursday, the Democrats presented an ambitious immigration reform bill, with the support of the President of the United States, Joe BidenWhich seeks to find a way to naturalize 11 million illegal immigrants, but admitted that the legislative process faces resistance.

This initiative was introduced by Democratic lawmakers Linda Sanchez, in Parliament, s Bob Mendes, In the Senate.

It is time to “get the 11 million illegal immigrants out of the shadows,” Menendez said during a virtual press conference with other lawmakers.

The legislation comes at a time when the White House is seeking to present a $ 1.9 trillion relief plan to the economy in Congress, which will have to negotiate with Republicans if it wants incentives to revive the agonizing recovery.

In the High camera The Democrats have 50 seats, like the Republicans, but can use the Vice President vote Kamala Harris To tie a tie. However, in this case, they are left at the mercy of blocking administrative obstacles, which is why 60 votes are necessary to address immigration reform.

“We know that moving forward requires negotiations with others, but we will not make entry concessions,” Menendez said, who admitted that he would not know if they would reach 60 votes until they try.

Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, I celebrated the overall initiative.

“There are others who want to do it piecemeal, and that could also be a good approach. This has to be decided by Congress,” Pelosi said.

In the Low cameraThe proposal was not well received by Republicans, who published a report saying that this reform “will revive the failed policies of the Obama and Biden administration and make Americans less safe.”

“An economic and moral imperative” –

Menendez defended an “economic and moral imperative” to pass a broad and comprehensive reform that “leaves no one behind”, but acknowledged that if certain elements are presented for the way forward and approved, that would be positive as well.

The main goal of the project is to create a path for citizenship for 11 million illegal immigrants, provided they are in the United States on January 1, 2021.

One of the groups benefiting from this initiative are the so-called “dreamers”, who are young people who arrived in the United States irregularly with their parents while they are minors, where they will be able to obtain permanent residency.

During a government Barack Obama This group of about 700,000 young people – the majority of Hispanic American descent – have benefited from a protection bill that his successor, Donald Trump, has tried to overturn in a legal dispute that has reached the Supreme Court.

Also, if approved, who would benefit from Temporary Protection Status (TPS), Which prohibits the deportation of citizens of countries affected by natural disasters or armed conflict and agricultural workers who can prove a history of work in United State.

For Biden, “This is an opportunity to resume the debate on immigration reform after the past four years,” said a senior official from White House Who preferred to remain anonymous.

The Trump administration has issued more than 400 executive orders to curb and punish immigration Not documented.

Since coming to power, Biden has announced a steering wheel on immigration that has included the creation of a squad to reunite families separated by the “zero tolerance” policy on borders promoted by Trump.

Starting this week, it will begin to dismantle the controversial “Stay in Mexico” program, which has forced tens of thousands of asylum seekers to remain at the border while their cases are resolved.

The senior official stressed that the law changed the English term “foreign” to refer to foreigners, to designate “non-citizens”, with the aim of “a better reflection of the values ​​that the president has regarding immigration.”


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