Did you get this message? Beware that they may hack you

Did you get this message?  Beware that they may hack you

to become The WhatsApp In the most used app in Mexico and other countries to instantly send and receive messages, photos and videos, many people saw it as a perfect opportunity to stealing data.

Although there are many ways that pirates They manage to do this, for the most part, the most common is through a message or a link that, when the user opens it, allows the hacker to access his information.

The newest way it works is through popular binary messages, although if you haven’t heard of it, don’t worry we’ll explain what it is and what the risks are of opening it.

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What are WhatsApp binary messages?

The binary messages that are becoming increasingly popular on WhatsApp are the messages with malicious code that can destroy your conversations in the app.

As the name implies, trusses Binaries include a series of binary codes that together can lead to a factory reset or theft of your conversations.

However, one advantage is that it is usually easy to identify, as it always deals with texts that invite the user to click an emoji, generally the black circle.

The moment a user clicks on it, the malicious code gets activated automatically, causing the above issues to occur on your cell phone and your WhatsApp account.

To avoid being hacked with these messages, our recommendation is to enable the function of seeing the preview of your WhatsApp messages.

This way when you notice a strange message or includes the previous text, what you should do is not open it and delete the person who sent it to you immediately.

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