Dilute the Republican wave for Trump and the scrutiny of Congress and the Senate is still very close | Economie

Dilute the Republican wave for Trump and the scrutiny of Congress and the Senate is still very close |  Economie

The results of the midterm elections held in the United States are still leaving control of the Senate and the House of Representatives in the air, in an election in which the Republican Party, which started as the frontrunner, did not live up to expectations. The votes, crucial to Joe Biden’s presidency, halted the Republican wave that had been promised by former President Donald Trump. The charges point to a slight advantage for the Republicans in Congress, a victory that no one dares take for granted and may take some time to confirm, while the Senate has yet to decide.

The polls indicated a close result, like the one that is happening, but doubts remained: on the one hand, about the success of the polls in real results, and on the other hand, if the population’s discontent due to hyperinflation will be felt at the polls. The Republican analysts put it in a better position, as it is common in the United States for the party opposing the president to make headway in the midterm elections, and while the win could go to the Republican side, by no means will it. be by an overwhelming margin.

With scrutiny already advanced in most states of the country, of the 435 seats renewed in Congress, Republicans would have taken 195 seats and Democrats, 167, both short of the 218-seat majority needed to control the House. There are still 73 to decide.

Although Republicans are still the contenders to take control of the House of Representatives, the numbers have yet to be determined. According to experts, days may pass before there is enough information to confirm Republican control of the room. With 73 seats still not allotted, 22 Republicans are out of control, and many of the seats they need are being decided in western states, which are often slow to count. According to a Reuters analysis, only 13 of the 53 most competitive seats have already been identified, raising the possibility that the final result will take time to be confirmed.

In the Senate, both parties are practically associated with 48 Democratic senators and 47 Republicans, and there are still 5 seats available, some in key states. A close victory for Pennsylvania Governor John Fetterman over the famous doctor Mehmet Oz transformed one seat in this room from Republican to Democrat, boosting the Democratic Party’s chances of maintaining control.

In a presidential system like that of the United States, the executive and legislative branches can be controlled by different parties, so the current president, Democrat Joe Biden, needs his formation to maintain control of at least one of the two houses if he wants to. Continue to advance his political goals during the next two years of his term.

The party that occupies the White House always loses seats in the midterm elections, and Biden has struggled with declining public support for more than a year. It is now also facing a complex economic situation, with high inflation and the prospect of a recession.

Governor elections

On Election Day, 36 races for governor were scheduled. Democrats wrested government from Republicans in two states, Maryland and Massachusetts, while Republicans, as expected, retained large states such as Florida and Texas.

Democrat Wes Moore won Maryland as the state’s first black governor, after two terms under Republican Larry Hogan.

She is followed by Maura Healy, Massachusetts’ first lesbian governor, who returned the state to Democrats after two terms from Republican Charlie Baker.

Florida was cemented as a Republican fortress with the re-election of its governor, Ron DeSantis, considered one of the possible presidential candidates by the Republican side, who won this election with ease.

Another well-known Republican, Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, obtained a new term, bringing his party to thirty years of rule in the state, after defeating Democrat Beto O’Rourke.

The Democrats, for their part, retained the governments of other important territories such as California, New York, and Pennsylvania.

In California, Gavin Newsom will retake the post of Pennsylvania governor, while Pennsylvania’s presidency will be continued by Josh Shapiro, who defeated Republican Doug Mastriano, an election denier and ally of Donald Trump.

New York Democratic Governor Cathy Hochhol, who took office in 2021 after Andrew Cuomo resigned, managed to stay in office by defeating Republican Lee Zelden. So did Maine Governor Janet Mills, Democrats Josh Green in Hawaii and Tim Walz in Minnesota.

Another woman who became the state’s first female governor is Republican Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the former White House spokeswoman during Donald Trump’s term, who will lead Arkansas.

In Georgia, Republican Brian Kemp held out after defeating Democrat Stacy Abrams again. In addition to Republicans Kristi Noem in South Dakota and Brad Little in Idaho, they continued their mandate.

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