Diver finds WWII plane on seabed: video


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A diver took a dive in the deep waters off the Croatian coast and managed to fish Awesome pictures From A plane shot down from WWII. Slovak Martin Stremska traveled to the island of Vis, hoping to find the famous B-17 bomber, nicknamed ‘The Flying Fortress’.

Although it was not an easy adventure, Made by a 40-year-old man. The American B-17 bomber is an American heavy bomber Used during World War II. The aircraft was designed by Boeing Aircraft Corporation in response to the 1934 Army Air Force specification I ordered a launcher with four engines, At a time when two engines were the norm.

The plane made its last flight in November 1944 Heading to Vienna, before it was severely damaged and forced to make an emergency landing in the Adriatic Sea, about 50 km from the Croatian coast. The crew was evacuated in inflatable rafts.

The remains of B-17 at the bottom of the Adriatic Sea are One of the best preserved WWII aircraft wrecks Given its depth of over 60 meters, it is undoubtedly difficult for divers.

Martin Stremska’s photos show a plane that has fallen into the water He charges you a billBecause even though his head was crushed, The cockpit can be seen as the windshield is completely shattered.

The plane’s wheels began to sink It is not known exactly how long the remnants will remain before disintegrating. Their engines and wings are covered in dead algae and crustaceans.


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