Donna Cinemas Promotes New Documentary Series “Give Me The Rights”

Donna Cinemas Promotes New Documentary Series “Give Me The Rights”

Valencia. September is back and Dona i Cinema is back, which this month will launch a series of cinematic events until the end of the year. Organized by the Donna International Biennale of Cinema – Women and Cinema – they propose a regular program, repeated every year, which will make women’s work visible both nationally and internationally. The first proposal begins in September with the last show that concludes the cycle of the festival invited for the sixth edition last January. On this occasion, we will have the opportunity to watch, on 14 September, the winning documentary on “Celebrating Women in Uganda”. And on September 28, we will have an annual appointment with Cortos en Femenino. An initiative that originated in 2002 from Trama, coordinator of women’s festivals and shows in the Spanish country, with the aim of showing and publishing short films made by women. Both appointments will be at 7 PM in October – Center for Contemporary Culture.

Already in October, and like other years, Dona i Cinema collaborates with the Mostra Viva del Mediterraneo in the video creation segment. At the end of the year, they will present a new course that capitalizes on the observance of International Human Rights Day. On this occasion, the audience will be able to watch films directed by women on human rights issues. This course, which they called DONA’M DRETS, stems from the need to showcase some of the documentaries that have arrived in the call for the latest release and which for logistical reasons cannot be included in the official section. In this case, the organizers made it clear not because of quality issues, but because they recognized the need to create their own space for discussion on these issues and to provide a place for reflection necessary for the audience to understand these types of films.

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