Dr. Stone Review (2019): A clever post-apocalyptic anime where science is humanity’s best hope

Dr. Stone Review (2019): A clever post-apocalyptic anime where science is humanity’s best hope

I’ve never been interested in science, but Dr. Stone’ got me totally hooked

Although last year we had a special class as appetizers, it’s very likely that not many knew, especially since the second season of ‘Dr. Stone He was shorter than the previous one and the third was hard to come by.

After a bit of hype and a somewhat dramatic stage close, the anime is making its way A very promising and hopeful new arc To take us to a new world… But first, let’s step back a little bit, shall we?

Yes, science!!!

‘doctor. to forbid’ that it Science fiction anime It is set on a post-apocalyptic Earth where, over three thousand years ago, all of humanity was turned to stone. One day, he named a boy Taegu He awakens from his petrification and finds the campus: civilization has vanished and the world he knew is a thing of the distant past.

Fortunately your friend Senko He has always been a genius with science and has been up for months. And of course, he already has a plan to awaken the rest of humanity and restore civilization through scientific advancement. Things are running smoothly now that they’re together, but when a guy named… wakes up TsukasaHe sees that the world is better now and it begins A confrontation between the kingdom of science and the kingdom of brute force.

Although dr. Stone can easily fall into many cliches, it is Anime feels modern and innovative too. Because although it has its moments of action and confrontations, many of them are also resolved with logic, creativity, and straightforwardness with Senku’s scientific tricks.

Almost every new invention becomes A small gym that he made us participate in, explaining the steps for obtaining new ingredients in this new stone age. And, of course, you can’t help but get excited and a little scared when you see the scientists in the group take historic steps to bring back glass, electricity, or even Coca-Cola.

If science has never interested you, it doesn’t matter, becauseDr. Stone is terribly addictive and also accessible. It’s not an anime that is overbearing or treats its viewers like idiots, but it sets itself on the level of anyone who invites you to participate in the experiences you see on screen.

And one of the hooks that this also works with is because of Senku himself, because although it seems at first that he’s going to be an insufferably handy Sheldon, he soon proves to be someone who greatly values ​​all his teammates and their abilities. Maybe a point will come where The cast of the anime gets a bit wide and it’s hard to keep track of them allbut the series manages to balance it well to give everyone time to shine.

Heading to the New World

TMS Entertainment He has been in charge of the anime since the first season, and the truth is that they were also very good at animation. because ‘Dr. has no Stone amazing animationbut thanks to the illustrations and how he exploits moments of humor in a chibi and silly style, we don’t feel like we’re watching a succession of slides.

However, the quality of the animation has raised the bar more and more with each season, and indeed With the ‘Ryusui’ special, they went a step further with good CGI integration and some great scenes to lay the groundwork for the upcoming season.. And be warned, even though it’s a TV special, this chapter is convenient to watch because it introduces us to the character Ryusui and is a bridge between seasons… so if we don’t see it, we’re missing out on an important part of the story.

Because we’re finally here The third season of the anime Dr. Stone: New World. Getting into spoilers if you’re still catching up, it can finally be said that the battle between the Kingdom of Science and Tsukasa’s group is over…but of course a new obstacle has appeared in the way and the solution seems to be in the other part of the world.

So now Senku and his companions must build a ship, gather the crew and all the necessities, and set off on a journey. The first episode of the season directly follows the ‘Ryusui’ special, and since we’re not missing a moment, it also shows us how scientific advances benefit the rest of humanity.

It’s a very simple chapter, halfway between reminding us of who he is and seeing the characters in their element with plenty of humor and the occasional nod to video games that have already been missed. Because the truth is Good shots of humor are also one of the animation’s strengths And they knew how to put it more and more naturally, and this first chapter never becomes a ball.

With that being said, we’re already preparing our next gym for secondary tasks before we can leave. But of course I’m curious as to what happens next (and even though it seems very important hard-workingTo learn everything that Dr. Stone’ wants to teach me). At the moment we have the whole season ahead of us, and we can follow it every week via Crunchyroll.

And just in case we’re afraid that the anime will end soon…we’d better slow down a bit. how many Richirou Inagaki and Buichi It barely ended a year ago and there are still many more volumes to adapt, so it’s very likely that we’ll have a fourth season ahead.

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