Eberard and Jacobson agree to protect immigrants and the economy

Officials of foreign ministries Mexico s United State They agreed to protect Immigrants. Photo: SRE_mx.

State Department officials (SRE) Mexico On Tuesday, I agreed with officials from the State Department United State And advisers sent by Democratic President Joe Biden, protect Immigrants On the common border, and a plan to strengthen the regional economy.

Through a press release posted on social networks, the SRE of Mexico They explained that they presented the progress of the comprehensive development plan to enhance the economic momentum and address the structural causes that are being expelled Immigrants, Especially from the Northern Triangle of Central America, and consists of:

  • Honduras
  • Guatemala
  • The savior

The aim of the meeting between Marcelo Ebrard, president of SRE from MexicoAnd Robert Jacobson, Joe Biden’s advisor on Southwest Frontier issues at United State, Agreement to promote “comprehensive economic development in North Central America” ​​to ease the departure Immigrants From that continental region.

Human rights protection mechanisms are addressed, with a special focus on protecting children Immigrants (On the border shared by Mexico s United State) “.

Regional organizations

In a messengers meeting from United State a MexicoAlicia Barsena, Executive Secretary of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), was nearly present, and participated in a United Nations (UN) plan prepared with MexicoAnd Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.

Document titles:

  • Social Welfare
  • Economic growth
  • Fighting climate change
  • Comprehensive management of the migration cycle

At the meeting United StateMexico To attend Immigrants Progress Sow life s Young people are building the future In Central America, thanks to the resources provided to the beneficiaries. And they agreed to strengthen cooperation to stimulate the regional economy in a more equitable manner.

Officials United State They spoke to SRE authorities at Mexico And the National Institute for Migration (INM): They listed the challenges of designing a model that protects human rights in the USA ImmigrantsHe highlighted the need to implement incentives to achieve safe and regular migration.

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