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The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development continues to see signs economic downturn In most member countries with their leading composite indices, these signs are especially strong in Chile, which is farthest from long-term trends.

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When publishing October’s statistics this Wednesday, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) made it clear in a statement that it continues to expect a “growth reversal” in several large countries such as US, Canada, UK or Eurozone Germany, France and Italy.

For the institution as a whole, this indicator, which shows changes in the economic cycle several months ago, fell 17 percent in October and settled at 98.4 points, that is, below the level of 100 that represents the long-term average. Biggest monthly drop so far, Chile’s percentage, from 59 percent to 94.45 points, is the lowest among the 38 member countries of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.

The fact that this monthly decline is so sharp does not necessarily mean that Chile will experience the most significant slowdown ever, but it does mean that the signs of this slowdown are very clear, especiallyBased on corporate order books, building permits, long-term interest rates or vehicle registrations, among other items.

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Among the G7 countries, the monthly decline was the steepest are those in Germany (39 hundredths to 97.88 points), Italy (33 hundredths to 97.09 points), Canada (33 points to 97.72 points) and the United Kingdom (from 15 to 94.64 points). Outside of that group of the seven richest countries, Spain saw a relatively small drop, from 9 percent to 97.35 points.

The Spanish index is below 100 points indicating the long-term average since March.

higher than that level 100, and therefore with A growth trend above the long-term averageOr, there are only five countries in the OECD.

This is Japan (100.34 points after a monthly decrease of 5 parts); Mexico (100.54 after a 17 percent decline); Colombia (100.21 after a decrease of 26 hundredths); Ireland (101.51 after a 19-percent drop); and Slovenia (100.15 after a reduction of three hundred).

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