Ecuadorian girls are already with their relatives in the United States


The Ecuadorian Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that on April 17, 2021, girls abandoned by human traffickers at the US-Mexico border were reunited with their families.

Yareli and Yasnina, 3 and 5 years respectivelyThey are already in a safe place. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has reported that Ecuadorian girls who have been dumped by coyotes are from A border wall separating Mexico from the United States They were finally reunited with their relatives.

The children left on March 27, 2021, from Cotopaxi International Airport, MexicoOn a private flight, with her grandmother Rosa and uncle Angel, after which they are handed over to wolves to reach the United States.

However, the minors were identified during their dumping before Human traffickers From wall to American territories. Photos released by Social media.

In a statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs He confirmed that the girls’ meeting with their families took place on April 17th, without specifying whether their parents were the ones residing in that country.

During their stay in the United States, the girls were put in The unaccompanied minors section of the US Office of Refugee ResettlementWhile the migration status of their parents was analyzed.

Various immigrant associations He issued statements calling on the authorities to act in this case and to guarantee Girls’ safety, Who left Loja on March 27 to search for their parents.

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