El Paso is the Most Hipster City in the US, According to a Study – NBC El Paso (48)

El Paso is the Most Hipster City in the US, According to a Study – NBC El Paso (48)

EL PASO, Texas – A Crossworld Solver study revealed that El Paso is the most loved city in the United States thanks to its cultural richness and large presence of Mexican families.

To get the results, Crossworld Solver collected a sample of geotagged tweets posted in countries and cities around the world. We then analyzed that sample to find tweets that contained variations of the phrase “I love you,” for example, “I love you” and “<3 you,” and variations of the heart emoji (for example, 💓 and 💞) followed by “ you and you.

They then calculated the proportion of tweets that were liked per 100,000 people overall to determine which post was liked the most.

Main findings

  • The most liked country is Guatemala, with 2,217 likes tweets per 100,000 tweets.
  • Cochabamba, Bolivia, is the most liked city in the world (with 2,878 liked tweets per 100k).
  • The most liked capital city in the world is Manila, Philippines (1,246 liked tweets per 100,000 people).
  • In the US, the most liked state is West Virginia (613 liked tweets per 100k), and El Paso, Texas is the most liked city (521 liked tweets per 100k).

However, when it comes to US cities. In the United States, there is no other city more liked than El Paso, Texas, where 521 tweets were found to be liked per 100,000 people overall.

Located on the border between the United States and Mexico, El Paso has a rich Mexican culture in which family plays an important role.

Another kind of love a person can have is towards their neighbors and their community, and the citizens of El Paso have it in abundance.

Since 1969, El Paso has been a five-time recipient of the All-America City Award, given annually in recognition of outstanding community work.

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