‘End the false debate about MBBS’

‘End the false debate about MBBS’

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We fully advocate for our university, avoid sterile controversies, and work together to promote our university, taking into account collective regional needs.

False arguments damage our image and nullify the results achieved so far and of which the entire region is proud
The Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery degree was born in collaboration between the Universities of Catanzaro and Cosenza. The first three years of the degree will be activated in Cosenza, while the last years will take place in Catanzaro, where the only hospital accredited to house the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery is located.
A total number of places for the Master will be allocated among the universities that will not be offered in Catanzaro: Unicz will reserve approximately 300 places while students of Calabria who dream of studying medicine and surgery will be able to take advantage of this new opportunity. Watch the region of Calabria, to enrich itself with a new university reality, and also to add health resources in a land where the shortage of doctors and health professionals (also in light of the current difficult situation) has increased the demand for help and care from the citizens.

Thanks to the scientific results achieved, the offer of training and the commitment of all professionals working in it, the University of Catanzaro has taken a leading role in the national academic and health panorama; This allows Unicz to be the driving force for research and healthcare in our region, acting as a catalyst for better results than ever before.

With the start of this project, the Universities of Cosenza and the University of Catanzaro, bound by a protocol signed by the Deans, will finally be able to begin to think about the common good of all Calabrian citizens and students, putting themselves behind. that they. , years of narrow-mindedness who repeatedly referred to this issue in the vicinity of the administrative elections: with the signing of this agreement, the University of Calabria will not be able to initiate any agreement with other national universities, to open courses in health distracts.

The Germaneto Campus is the only reality in Calabria where the Faculties of Medical Specialties have been revitalized, which in the last year registered a significant increase, thanks to the number of registrations obtained by positioning it as an attractive hall for Italian doctors.
The School of Anesthesia, for example, has 46 students enrolled in the first year, for a total of more than 100 trainees.

Added to all this are other courses and new degrees in the health professions that include masters and masters activations related to new health needs and beyond.

Universities, precisely for the sake of the inter-university agreement, have begun a long series of cooperation, indicating overcoming the city that resurfaces every time an election consultation approaches.

As part of this new scientific and solidarity perspective, our university has activated an interuniversity course with the University of Reggio Calabria, which allows many Calabrian students to continue studying in Calabria, without having to migrate to other regions to continue their studies. studies.

This collaborative method between different universities has also increased scholarships for students, completely eliminating the number of non-qualified students.

In recent years, the universities of Calabria have adopted an organizational line consisting of conventions and planning that has led to a particular interest in the precarious situation in which many of our students find themselves: politics takes note, works as a result and adds resources rather than cuts.

medical representatives*

Vincenzo Bosco – Evaluation Team

Alessandro Caputo – Academic Senate

Michaela Tallarico – Faculty of Medicine and Surgery

Aldo Messetti – Faculty of Medicine and Surgery

Elena Mauro – Mixed Commission College of Medicine and Surgery

Fedele Graziani – Joint Committee of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery

Manuel Gabriel – Joint Committee of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery

Antonio Martucci – Student Council

Francesco Cabrino – Student Council

Dr. Marco Pinaro – College of Residents

Dr.. Jose Solori – College of Residents

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