Entrepreneur Cipri Quintas in “Sawubona” ​​suggests increasing kindness and confidence in work, life, and relationships

Entrepreneur Cipri Quintas in “Sawubona” ​​suggests increasing kindness and confidence in work, life, and relationships

Madrid, November 16 (European Press) –

Entrepreneur, lecturer and writer Cipri Quintas, who defines himself as SEO for the people, publishes his new book “Sawubona” ​​on Thursday, in which he reveals to readers “the secret of true success”, which is based on his view of giving without expecting anything in return and in promoting kindness. and trust in people in all walks of life, work or business leadership.

All proceeds from the book presentation, which will take place this Thursday at 8:00 pm at the Teatro Auditorio Ciudad de Alcobendas, will go to the Alcobendas Association of Parents of Students with Disabilities (APAMA).

In addition, in the presentation, which will be moderated by Mago Moore, Quintas will pay tribute to Africa associated with the book, where he will be accompanied by artists such as B Vocal, Vivancos, Manu Tenorio and Roman Mosteiro.

The book originates from “Sawubona,” the greeting in the Zulu language of the Natal region of South Africa that means “see you.” For Quintas, this greeting assumes that people don’t just see each other with their eyes or observe each other physically, but they see their heart and their core, resulting in a “very strong connection.”

In this way, the author, who is considered a Top 100 Innovative Business Angel Leader, proposes what he considers to be the “true path to success” which consists of practicing and advocating kindness as a way to improve your life and transform the world. and extend “sawubona” ​​to all mankind.

In short, Quintas proposes an “activity” to build relationships and a community based on trust and never on community. For this reason, he is determined to make kindness fashionable in the face of disdain for these values ​​in order to achieve a fuller and happier life.

“The intrinsic good of people is the true hope of the human race and the path to true success in life,” says Quintas, author of, among others, Connecting with the Heart.

The entrepreneur co-founded the digital marketing agency “Valor de Ley” in 2009 and was the founder of Tesón, a consulting firm specializing in business strategy, in-house training and corporate humanization.

In addition, the owner of Silk Restaurant has also cooperated for 35 years with institutions and non-governmental organizations. Indeed, Fundación Alares heads and is sponsor, advisor or director of organizations such as Mensajeros de la Paz, World Vision, Fundación Sandra Ibarra, Fundación Irene Villa and Fundación Martínez Hermanos, among others, while collaborating with NGOs such as APAMA, AENILCE and Smiles withoutCancer. **One hundred percent of the income generated by the copyright of the book, published by Alienta Editorial, will go to Chloé Medical Centre, a project of Babies Uganda, an international development cooperation NGO working in the most disadvantaged areas of Uganda.

For Quintas, every good relationship begins and is based on giving. “It’s a universal truth. If you decide to keep just one message from the entire book, I’d ask you to choose that one,” says the author, who insists that giving is the most powerful tool, which is why he encourages you to practice it every day.

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