Eternals first criticism: ‘It’s Marvel’s Zack Snyder’s Justice League version’

Eternals first criticism: ‘It’s Marvel’s Zack Snyder’s Justice League version’

The the first show from eternity It happened recently in Los Angeles with the mainstream media and critics of the United States already starting To participate His impressions a little over two weeks after the world premiere in theaters, scheduled for release the next day November 5, 2021. And we already have some of the most representative items, mostly, very positive, praising his portrayal and highlighting his unique tone and style, as well as ensuring that post-credit scenes are on another level. Let’s go through some of these early Eternals reviews, all of them No spoilers.

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Criticism is full of praise for eternity

“Eternals is Marvel’s version of Zack Snyder’s Justice League. A movie that relies on a cast of unknown characters and does so with great success. Chloé Zhao’s direction is great. It’s one of the best looking Marvel movies ever. The post-credit scenes are crazy too.” Scott Menzel Di we live entertainment.

“The Eternals is probably the most ambitious Marvel movie ever made. But the biggest compliment I can give you is that it’s not a Marvel movie; it’s a Chloé Zhao movie,” she shares Brian Davis The Hollywood Reporter.

“With Chloé Zhao’s stunning visuals and a cast that looks like they’re headed for the MCU, Eternals is unlike any other Marvel movie. There are so many great twists and chemistry that make this movie one to watch,” he says. Nora Dominic From Buzzfeed.

“An extraordinary Technicolor universe built by Chloe Chow; brilliant and ambitious on a slightly mind-boggling level. I’ll be revealing the movie all night long. Great Marvel gear change. The credits will affect the entire world.” Nikki Novak by Fandango.

“Eternal is amazing! Chloe Chow and his co-stars create an evocative, emotional, and unusual superhero movie. The group has great chemistry and they all have great cinematic moments to show off their prowess. The naturalistic nature of Ben Davis’ portrayal highlights the humanity of the characters,” notes Courtney Howard Di Variety.

Although there is also room for disappointment; even share Matt Niglia From the Next Best Picture: “After some dazzling moments and a wonderfully diverse crew, I was disappointed by the Eternals. History is an interpretive tangle that jumps through time and across multiple continents with an uneven tone. Ramin Djawadi’s soundtrack is very good, but Chloe Zhao’s signature style is sadly absent.”

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