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The Turkish series “Mujer” allowed us to meet with talented actors who were part of this story. One of them is smoke, who plays Arif, the eternal lover of a sailor (Özge Özpirinçci). Thanks to the international success of the film “Kadın”, the Kurdish actor today enjoys a lot of recognition and is very popular among the audience.

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smoke He plays Arif, a brave “woman” who ends up falling in love with Bahar. She has a noble and humble personality. Although at first he is cold, serious and distant, little by little he will take off his armor and will become one of the main supporters of the hero.

after passing “Women”The Kurdish actor is enjoying a big professional moment and he has added new projects to his career. One of them is “Kovan” (The Beehives) which was released in 2020 in Turkey and is available on Netflix.

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In the movie “Kovan”, we see Fiyaz in a somewhat different way than Arif’s character in “The Woman” (Photo: TRT).

“Las Colmenas”, a Netflix movie starring Vyaz Doman from “Mojer”

“Covan”, nicknamed “Las Colmenas” in Spanish, is one of the stars and Maryam Uzerli. It is a Turkish movie, co-produced by TRT series and released on September 25, 2020 in the country of origin.

Fiyaz Doman plays Ilker, the hometown photographer of Aisha (Meryem Uzerli), a young woman who returns to care for her dying mother, who eventually passes away and inherits her greatest treasure: beehives. The girl is afraid of these animals, but she has to learn how to deal with them and defend herself from the bears that live in the area.

In the movie “Kofan” we can see Fayyad in a somewhat different way from Arif’s character in “The Woman”. The Kurdish actor appears in the film with a thick gray beard and mustache, as well as his hair. His character is distinguished by being an antisocial and serious man.

Vyaz Doman plays Ilker, a serious and antisocial photographer (Image: TRT)
Vyaz Doman plays Ilker, a serious and antisocial photographer (Image: TRT)

“Kovan” is directed by Elim Kaftan, and the cast is completed by Hakan Karsek, Shinur Nogai and Burku Salioglu.

It should be noted that the film in which Vyaz Duman participates is available on Netflix in Spain and Turkey, where the work of the actor can be seen in another aspect completely different from his role in “Women”.

“Kovan,” titled “Las Colmenas” in Spanish, starring Fiyaz Doman and Meryem Uzerli (Photo: TRT).

“Kovan” received many awards. The Chelsea Film Festival in the United States opened at the end of last year, receiving a total of six awards such as: ‘Grand Prix’, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography, and Best Leading Actress. And Best Supporting Actor.

In addition, she has participated in other festivals such as Hof (Germany), Asian Film Festival in Hong Kong, Phra Sur (Southern Films) in Norway and Dhaka (Bangladesh).

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