European Union. Women get more than 800,000 pesos; It takes them back and spreads the virus


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Are there still honest people? Yes, still There are many honest people in the world and proof of this is a woman from the United States what did you find $ 42,000 (more than 866,000 Mexican pesos). Wrapped in a jacket they donated at the place you work and decided to take them back. Did you get thanks? what happened? We tell you his story that spread on social networks.

Through social networks, the story of a young woman He returned a large amount of money he found in his business. Despite the fact that it was a large sum of money, his wife United State Show that it is best to return what doesn’t belong to you and feel good about yourself.

It comes to b Andrea LessingWhich in mid-March, I was sorting through the clothes they donated to a local in Oklahoma That helps and hires people with disabilities and financial problems – Goodwill Industries nonprofit organization -.

She was passing by with a box of clothes and a jacket she found Huge amount of money: She found 42,000 dollars wrapped in the garment – more than 866,000 Mexican pesos. According to his testimony to Fox News, he initially thought they were books, although it didn’t take long for him to realize they were money.

The young woman said she had never considered keeping the money, so she and her colleagues reported to the supervisor.

“I never thought this would happen to me … I made the right decision, I did the right thing”, Indicó a Fox News.

After an intense search, the woman She managed to find the owner of a significant amount of money, Thanks to the documents that were also present in the clothes.

“Besides the bills, there were identifiable documents that allowed us to locate the owner who donated money by mistake.” She said the organization Goodwill Industries on her Facebook account.

The man with the money gave a thousand dollars (more than 20,000 pesos) to the honorable young woman. According to the heroine of this story, she thanked the financial gesture and confirmed this He was using the money to buy a gift for his daughter. As expected, this positive story went viral on social media, garnering many positive comments.

“Your heart made of gold and your soul of steel is much more valuable. You did the right thing, and this is priceless. You are a great example for your daughter, and this is something that cannot be bought! So many blessings to a great woman!”; “Andrea, you are the type of employee we all want and any employer who is lucky to have you,” Read among some of the comments.

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