Evan Peters stars in Monster, the new Ryan Murphy series on Netflix

Evan Peters stars in Monster, the new Ryan Murphy series on Netflix

Ryan Murphy He would again use one of his fetish actors in one of his following Netflix projects. As I learned final dateAnd the Evan Peters He will star in the mini-series “The Monster: The Geoffrey Dahmer Story” The prolific producer, along with Ian Brennan, prepares for the broadcast platform.

Evan Peters plays Geoffrey Dahmer in Monster

Peters, the veteran of “American Horror Story”, He will play Geoffrey Dahmer, one of America’s most famous serial killers Known as the “Milwaukee cannibal” or “the Milwaukee monster”. The actor joins Richard Jenkins (‘Six Feet Underground’), which will play Dahmer’s father, Lionel, the chemist who taught his son to whiten and preserve animal bones, a technique he would later use with his victims.

Penelope Ann MillerMeanwhile, Joyce, Dahmer’s mother, will be a while Niecy NashAnother recurring actress in Murphy’s play, You will be playing the co-star of the mini-series, Glenda ClevelandShe was one of Dahmer’s neighbors who called the police several times and even tried unsuccessfully to call the FBI to alert them to her erratic behavior.

With a psychological approach

Largely said from the standpoint of Dahmer’s victims, The Monster delves into the police incompetence and indifference that allowed a Wisconsin native killer to wage a massacre that lasted several years.. The short series, which will feature at least ten cases, will touch upon topics such as the privileged position of whites, and it is clear that race played a major role in the way Dahmer was treated by both the police and judges, that he was initially charged with minor crimes in part because many His victims were black.

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